Civility Awards
award recipient
Eugene Brown, Jr.
Don E. Bailey Award
Awarded October 2016
Chapter: San Francisco
Firm City: San Francisco

award recipient
William Haggerty
Joseph D. McNeil Civility Award
Awarded October 2016
Chapter: Orange County
Firm City: Long Beach
award recipient
Honorable Sidney P. Chapin
Awarded April 2016
Chapter: San Joaquin Valley
Firm City: Bakersfield
award recipient Jack Girandi
John A. Girardi
Lee B. Wenzel Civility Award
Awarded February 2016
Chapter: Los Angeles
Firm City: Los Angeles
award recipient Bryan Reid
Bryan Reid
Awarded January 2016
Chapter: San Bernardino/Riverside
Firm City: San Bernardino
award recipient Patrick Little
Patrick R. Little
Jim Gilwee Civility Award
Awarded January 2016
Chapter: Sacramento
Firm City: Auburn
award recipient Virginia Nelson
Virginia C. Nelson
George McClenahan and Peter Hughes Civility Award
Awarded December 2015
Chapter: San Diego Firm City: San Diego

award recipient Dennis LaRochelle
Dennis LaRochelle
Awarded December 2015
Chapter: California Coast
Firm City: Oxnard

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