CAL-ABOTA Community Service Award
The CAL-ABOTA Community Service Award shall be presented annually to a CAL-ABOTA member, firm or chapter that has undertaken an exemplary act or continuing acts of service to their community. While philanthropy may be a consideration for determining the annual award recipient, this award is intended to encourage, recognize and celebrate a CAL-ABOTA member or entity that has undertaken a significant commitment of time, talent, effort and/or resources so as to make a meaningful impact upon the quality of life in their community, or to support and enhance the effectiveness of existing charitable organizations. Donations of time and support to legal aid organizations qualify for consideration for the Annual Community Service Award, but emphasis will be placed upon those efforts and services dedicated to broader community needs.

As a professional organization that encourages and celebrates “Civility”, this award is intended to honor CAL-ABOTA members who extend and demonstrate civility beyond the practice of law, and in ways that meaningfully impact and support the community, a consequence of which can be an elevation of the reputation and profile of our profession.

Each chapter of CAL-ABOTA will be allowed to nominate one individual, firm or the chapter itself for consideration for the award each year. The nomination shall be forwarded to the Executive Director of CAL-ABOTA no later than February 28th of each year and the winner will be determined by a vote at the meeting of the Board's Executive Committee occurring in conjunction with the CAL-ABOTA annual retreat, generally held during the first quarter of the year. After the winner is selected, the award will be presented to the winner by the current CAL-ABOTA President or a designee at either a regular meeting of the chapter to which the winner is affiliated or at the annual conference held in Hawaii each November.

Nominations shall be brief but provide a complete description of the community that has been served, the extent of the effort involved, the impact of such service and any positive effect the service has had on the profile of the profession (if any). Pictures, news articles, websites and other forms of media coverage/social media profiling can be submitted as well to support the nomination.

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Award Recipients:

2019 Sacramento Valley Chapter for the Sharing God's Bounty Program
2020-2021 Kim Valentine, Orange County Chapter, Operation Helping Hands
2022 John and Christa Ramey; Ramey Law, Los Angeles Chapter, Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Westchester
2023 Wilma Gray, San Francisco Chapter, Achieve Tahoe
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